Introducing .NET MAUI Essentials and Xamarin.Essentials 1.7


Since its initial release three years ago, Xamarin.Essentials is a vital library for .NET developers who want to build iOS, Android, Windows, and Tizen with Xamarin. The library has already been downloaded by nearly 10,000,000 times and has 79 developer contributions, and it has been viewed over 1,400 times on GitHub. It has also been the basis for thousands of developers all over the world to access native APIs. In the latest version of Xamarin.Essentials 1.7 talk about the future and advance roadmap for the library as .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) Let’s get detailed information about NET MAUI and Xamarin Essentials

Introduce Xamarin.Essentials 1.7

In this release of Xamarin.Essentials 1.7 Microsoft focuses on critical bug fixes and introduces Web Authenticator API.

Xamarin Essentials
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Introduce Web Authenticator

Web Authenticator allows you to add authentication to an app and integrate with multiple providers using your server backend powered via ASP.NET Core. The team and the community have provided many fixes for all platforms! We are grateful!

Web Authenticator Xamarin
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Introduce Private authentication session

Apple iOS 13 presents another internet web browser API for programmers and engineers to dispatch the validate session as private. Developers can request that browsing data and cookies are not shared between authentication sessions. Each session will start from a new login session. It is available over the new WebAuthenticatorOptions, which is introduced by Xamarin.Essentials 1.7 for iOS.

Read the official article here.

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