Installation Guide for CV Form Builder 

Step 1: Install the CV Form Builder

  • Access Your SharePoint Site: 
  1. Navigate to your SharePoint site where you want to install the CV Form Builder. 
  • Create a Site Page: 
  1. Go to the site contents and create a new site page. This page will host the CV Form Builder Web Part. 
  • Integrate the CV Form Builder Web Part: 
  1. Edit the newly created site page. 
  2. Click the + button to add a Web Part. 
  3. Select the CV Form Builder Web Part. 
  4. Add the Web Part to the page and save your changes. 

Step 2: Deployment and Initial Setup 

  • Complete Deployment: 

Ensure the deployment process is completed successfully. Once done, the application will automatically set up the necessary components: 

  1. Lists: Required lists will be created to store form data. 
  2. Configuration Data: The application will set up the configuration data necessary for the form customization. 
  3. Administrative Site Group: An administrative group will be established, and the user who installed the application will be automatically added as a member. 

Step 3: Configuring the Form 

  • Access Web Part Properties: 
  1. Go to the site page where the CV Form Builder Web Part is added. 
  2. To configure the form, click on the ‘Edit Web Part’ icon and select the list items from the dropdown menu. 
  • Select a List: 
  1. In the Web Part properties, you will get option to select a list from your SharePoint site.  
  2. Select the desired list from the dropdown menu for which you want to create a custom form. 
  • Customize Form Fields: 
  1. The side panel will display a list of columns available in the selected list. 
  2. Customize the form by selecting which fields you want to display. 

Next to the list of columns, you will find two additional columns named “Required” and “Is Visible“. 

  1. Required: Check the boxes next to the fields you want to select as required. 
  2. Is Visible: Check the boxes next to the fields to make them visible in the form. 

Step 4: Submit Configuration and Use the Form 

  • Submit the Configuration: 
  1. After customizing the form fields, submit the configuration through the side panel. 
  2. The form layout and required fields will be saved and applied to the Web Part. 
  • Fill in the Form: 
  1. Once the configuration is saved, the customized form will be displayed on the site page. 
  2. Users can now fill in the form directly on the page. 
  • Data Storage: 
  1. Upon form submission, the entered details will be stored in the selected SharePoint list. 
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